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Lift buses​

All our Minibuses are also Liftbuses. They are equipped with  hydraulic lifts to get wheelchairs in and out of buses. It is also possible to order staircase machines for those who can not  walk on stairs.

Our Lift buses have daily trips with wheelchairs useres to and from treatment home and hospitals.

The drivers serving Mini- & Lift buses, are all trained to transport the disabled.

Mini buses are popular for small groups. You can drive at the time that suits you and from door to door.

If  you will like to know more about the buses, you can read below or contact us 

Mercedes Sprinter, Minibusser

Minibuses can take up to 19 seated passengers or about 5 wheelchairs.

Example - 2 wheelchairs and 12 seated in the largest of our minibuses. Based on what kind of wheelcchair. There is a difference from Manual Control to Electrian or Comfort wheelchair.

Volvo 9700, Liftbus

This coach is also a Liftbus. Here can be maximum 15 wheelchairs however subject to size and whether it is Manuelle- , Electrician or Comfort wheelchairs .

Example - Is there eight ordinary wheelchairs, there is room for approximately 28 seated passengers.

This bus is popular for groups with wheelchairs, do they sit high and have the same good view as rest of the passengers. 

The drivers serving this Liftbus are trained to operate the lift and help wheelchair users.

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